Sybren Polet
Louis Andriessen
Greetje Bijma
[Nadir & Zenit]

The way in which Sybren Polet writes down his poems 'Taalfiguren I en 2', reminds one of Dadaist poetry. But contrary to that concrete-visual poetry, Polet is interested in situations, environments, situations of consciousness. He makes use of reversals, of the mechanism in man. Composer Louis Andriessen and singer Greetje Bijma allow themselves to be inspired by that in their improvisations, in an empty theatre. Polet resists 'the Stark', rigidity, immobility, coldness, stagnating language, clichés. He advocates a literature, which leaves room for different stages of consciousness, complexity, reflection, quotes, imagination.

James S. Holmes
beluister en lees Nadir & Zenit